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Cikgu Are in the House

Cikgu Albaina order a large number or oreo chocolate and lollichoc.

she requested 80 pieces of oreo choc, 50 pcs of mr Smile and 66 pcs of lovely n flower lollichoc.. this order is for her school peoject!!!Hope the kids will like it =)

Alamak,i forgot to snap the lovely n flower lollichoc. ooo i'm so forgetful =(


Amni said...

Beb, I dunno u wat business coklat?? Anyway, later I will order for my bro's wedding..I'll let u know prior to wedding dier cos I wanted to taste it first..bley rite?

thezaila said...

Hi Amni.. ni Amni, Siti Nurhaliza kustem ke..?
haah babe.. i just started.. bleh je if u nk order.. nnt let me know ek.. =)

twentytujuheleven said...

kalau yg macam ni berapa sebatang...