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Emoticon Lollichoc

Second upload from my lappy... ok.. confirm notebook saya giler...
maaf la uols.. nnt i try to see why is this problem keep on bug me...

got nothing to do... therefore i just play around with different expression.. we can't call this, mr smile.. x semu pun senyumm.. hehhehe

600 pcs Oreo Choc from Azira

First of all sorry gambar senget2.. nk kena my pc nih... sorry kalau kena tgk gambar sampai teleng2.. heheheh

order ni dari azira.. ni kira nya the very first customer la... i x bukak kedai lagi, she dah placed her order dah.. back in Feb 2010.. Thanks aziraaa....

semua nya oreo sebanyak 600 biji.. she requested various colour.. each colour 100++ pcs..
layan kan gambar2 nya ek.. =)

fresh from the fridge.. x tutup dgn cover lagi

ni dh letak penutup nya.. request for red n blue ribbons..

satu stack lagi...

ok .. last one.. green tulip...

berminat.. meh meh order kt saya!!!!!

Thanks Kak Pauziah

Kak Pauziah ordered 125 sticks of mr smile from various colour.. therefore, i'm having a good time playing around with the colors, and it turned out very nice.... if you would like to spice up ur kids' birthday with these lovely mr smile, place ur order now..
mr smile are packed in the box.. photo taken with flash.

mr smile are packed in the box.. photo taken without flash.