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Oreo Choc - Sports Theme

hey hey hey... new oreo choc theme in my-chocolicious.. mari mari mari.. this order came from kak Aza for the lovely son's bday.. katanya every year she will prepare something for his son to be given out to her son's friends.. ooo.. that is lovely isn't..

all togather 45 pcs... all sort of balls ada.. banyak la sangat kan.. propa je.. ada football, basket ball and rugby.. Majulah Sukan Untuk Negara. =)

Hi.. Meet Mr Smile...

Hi people.. Meet Mr Smile.. A new product from My-Chocolicious...Auntie Kay ordered 60 pcs of mr smile to be given out to her office mate.. yeeehaaa... Mr Smile is combination of white and milk chocolate (we colored the white chocolate with yellow colouring).. its like 2 in 1 flavor.. drooling..

suitable for parties, tea time snack and any other occasion. order your now.

Oreo Choclate and Gift Box for Hantaran

Oreo chocolate and gift box for hantaran. This order came from kak Ana to her niece. She requested for blue and yellow theme.
On top of that, she requested to place a lil deco on ont the clear box with some ribbons and beads. No problemo.. Your wish is my command.. mcm aladain dan jin pulak..

Other that oreo choclate, she also requested for gith box.. and some wording in the gift box too!! yeahh we can do that also.. =)

if you would to have something similar or your own idea for the gift box, do contact us..

Princess Rose

Another design from my-chocolicious.. presenting Princess Rose.. yeayyyy... lovely colour for lovely rose.. order yours now!!!

Chocolate Gift Box

aissshhh.. i've modified the pic before i uploaded and it still in vertival position.. aduyaiii.. anyhow, this order came from Jessy. She would like to dedicate the gift box to her love one..
and she loves it a lot.. and her other half likes it too!!!


Some of us find lollipop is too common.. and some find it too sweet and sticky.. but you just love the stick of the lollipop.. well worry no more.. why not turn to lollichoc for a change..its cute... its easy.. its not sticky ... its not too sweet.. hey this is what people looking for.. plus chocolate is always interesting titbits..

look at the vibrant colors of the chocolate.. we could customize the the color that suit you preference. and for you who likes the original (plain milk choc or white choc, without any coloring), we may fulfill your order.

This is interesting!!!! Its pink, purple, yellow and all.. isn't it great..!!!!

order from Zul's office.. they have been such a great supporter for our lil chocolate biz.. thanks a bunch you guys....

Oreo Chocolate

Oreo chocolate.. you may choose either white choc, milk choc or even dark chocolate just to suit you taste buds. There is a piece or oreo biscuit in the chocolate. Yummy.. If you can't figure out how does it taste, think about cookies n cream chocolate by Nestle....

Flower theme.. you may choose any color of you favorite. you pick the color and we'll paint it for you. suitable for any occasion from birthday parties, office get-together, hantaran, door gift, and many more..

Animal theme.. i bet the kids will LOVE it.. there are cute baby ellephant, brave tiger, clumsy monkey and brotherly bear.. =)

this is an order from my office mate.. they love it to the bit.. why wait .. get yourself this yummy, cute chocolate..