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Oreo Choclate and Gift Box for Hantaran

Oreo chocolate and gift box for hantaran. This order came from kak Ana to her niece. She requested for blue and yellow theme.
On top of that, she requested to place a lil deco on ont the clear box with some ribbons and beads. No problemo.. Your wish is my command.. mcm aladain dan jin pulak..

Other that oreo choclate, she also requested for gith box.. and some wording in the gift box too!! yeahh we can do that also.. =)

if you would to have something similar or your own idea for the gift box, do contact us..


wAwwA AwwA said...

babe, i mmg peminat u kn.. lps buku comei tu, chocolate ni plak.. aduh.. hehehe, emel me quotation psl choc utk hantaran ni bley? terasa nk bg choc u ni plak utk hantaran i nnt... ;)

thezaila said...

oo voley voley... mak glamer rupanya ada peminat.. huhuh =)nnt i email u ek..