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Chocolate for Hantaran

Cik Ita, my neighbour came down to my house 2 weeks ago. i heart bout the homemade chocolate that i made.. thanks to mouth-to-mouth advertisement. she wanted something for her niece's wedding. so she picked oreo chocolate. she totally likes the sports theme since the niece's fiance plays sports.. perfect..

she requested a simple decoration on the top of the cover .. something white n black.. simple and not too heavy decoration. therefore i picked rose buds..

Order from Madhu J Nair..

Hi.. sorry for the long pause.. been busy with the orders... sampai gambar pun x sempat nk upload..

this order came from my officemate. he wanted something to give to his wife for their anniversary tomorrow.. some sort like pre-present la...

on top of that, he requested some deco on top of the box.. just to add a lil ummpphh..
so i picked RED.. sexaayyy..

i shall upload more photos on other orders.. jangan marah ek.. i'm very tied up with daily routine and fulfilling the orders.. sabar ye kengkawan..

to those yg nk tau price for the products published on My-chocolicious, do not hesitate to call me or send in emails.. insya Allah saya jawab.. =)

Door Gift - 99 Nama Allah

Salam everybody.. Just wanna share with u guys. If any of you people still scretching head, thinking what to offer as your door gift, look no more. If you are looking something different, this is your answer.

99 Nama2 Allah.. =)

you may contact me to place your order. you may order as minimum as 100 pieces.

100 - 300 pcs --> rm3.50 each
301 - 500 pcs --> rm3.00 each
501 and above --> rm2.90 each

there are 4 colours to choose from --> black, dark brown, purple and pink...

this is how the front cover look like

the wording are are written cleary.

read more here

Cikgu Are in the House

Cikgu Albaina order a large number or oreo chocolate and lollichoc.

she requested 80 pieces of oreo choc, 50 pcs of mr Smile and 66 pcs of lovely n flower lollichoc.. this order is for her school peoject!!!Hope the kids will like it =)

Alamak,i forgot to snap the lovely n flower lollichoc. ooo i'm so forgetful =(

Oreo Choc - Flower n Heart shape

this order came from linda.. she wanted a combination of both flower and heart shape theme with multicoloured design.. after a few minutes i delivered the order, i received a text from linda saying that its cute.. thanks for the complimentary babe. =)

Jualan Runcit Di Office

Jualan Runcit. Since my-choclicious is a join venture between me and my other half, he is helping me out to market this to his office mate. therefore, i prepared a few types of chocolate available here.

Stary flowers.. i like this pattern.. and the best part is, its lollichoc.. yea.. i'm a bit malas to go to the wash room to clean up my hands after eating chocolate. =)

the lovely Princess Rose

Say Hi to Mr Smile.. =)

Praline.. Pack of 5 pieces.... if anybody interested to have this as ur door gift for wedding pun voley... just add a lil ribbon, walla... it will look presentable =)

Order utk praline

Order kali datang dari Kak Jalilah.. Officemate en Zul. ini merupakan kali kedua beliau order praline.. kata nya nk biasa2 sahaja. no fancy design. ada white choc with oreo crumbs, milk choc with oreo crum, raisin, crispy rice and original.terima kasih daun keladi, kalau sedap order lagi.. =)